How to Know if Your Website is Functional

One of the big mistakes I see business make is thinking that as long as their website looks good it is meeting their business needs. Too often business owners get enamored with their logos, color schemes, and slick flash moving elements and loose site of how their website is (or, more likely, is not) supporting their business.

Pretty vs. Functional

Too many people mistake pretty for functional when it comes to business websites. Think about what your website should be doing for your business. And what it could be doing.

Is is just a pretty online brochure? Do the only people who visit your business website go there because one of your staff members handed a potential prospect a business card and said, “Go check out our website”?

If that’s the case you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity! I consider websites like that completely non-functional.

Missed Opportunity

You have a tremendous opportunity with your business website to shout from the rooftops how wonderful your business is and why folks should be doing business with you.

Your business website should be attracting traffic in an engaging way that keeps folks coming back time and time again. That way you’ll be in front of people multiple times and when they’re ready to purchase they’ll already be familiar with your business and much more likely to buy from you.

And if you go the extra step and build marketing funnel components into your website, then you’ll be feeding your business a steady supply of leads.

A Word Picture

A pretty website that is not meeting your marketing goals is like spending tons of money to build out a store. It can be in a beautiful building and filled with tons of great merchandise.

But if it is located in the middle of the woods with no road going to it, your business isn’t going to do very well.

In the same way, a business website that isn’t getting any traffic is not supporting your business.

In a perfect world you want your website to be both pretty and functional. But if you don’t have the resources to have both then prioritize functional.

You can always make functional website prettier when you have more cash flow. However, if you focus on pretty first you may never get the cash flow to make your website functional.

So. How functional is your website?