7 Easy Tips to Supercharge Your Business Blog


The other day an industry friend of mine asked an interesting question on LinkedIn: What are the essential Do’s and Don’ts to ensure having a successful business blog?
That got me thinking about the best way to supercharge your business blog so that you’ll see as much success as possible. I quickly came up with seven […]

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Easier to Find


Today I want to share a tip with you that will make your LinkedIn profile easier for people to find. By making your profile easier to find you will lower a potential barrier to building connections, reach more people and see better results with LinkedIn.
Customize Your Public Profile URL
LinkedIn assigns a URL […]

Did You Make This Business Mistake on Facebook?


There are businesses out there that have created a Facebook personal profile instead of a Facebook Page to represent their business. I can see several reasons why a business might do this.
For starters, they may not know any better. Facebook changes things so often that it can be hard to figure out the “right” […]

Twitter Launching Major Website Changes

Twitter Home Page

Twitter announced yesterday that they are rolling out a major change to their website. These are big changes that will make the site more interactive by making multimedia content that is linked to on other services accessible without having to leave Twitter.
During the initial roll out there are 16 services that the new Twitter website […]

How to Avoid Twitter Overload


One of the keys to being successful on Twitter is to regularly interact with other Twitter users. But it can get overwhelming when you do start to see success and your follower count grows. Plain and simple, it’s pretty dang tough to keep up with all of your followers when you grow beyond a few […]

How to Make Your Website Interesting – Integrate Social Media

Grass Growing In Rocks

The single best way to get more traffic to your website is to make it more interesting. And website traffic is what it’s all about because that traffic visiting your website on a regular basis becomes your viewing audience. And the bigger the audience the more opportunities there are to sell things, and by extension, […]

2 Kinds of Powerful Writing for the Web


When it comes to business websites, there are two types of writing that are especially important to us. There is writing that drives traffic and writing that drives sales.
It’s important that we realize the differences between these two so that our websites will be as effective as possible.
Driving Traffic
When it comes to driving traffic, the […]

5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Ideal Platform for Small Business Websites


I’ve long been an advocate of using WordPress for small business websites for lots of reasons. There were some folks that would argue WordPress is a great blogging platform, but not so good for “serious” websites.
Well, with the recent addition of custom post types and fully customizable navigation menus, those old arguments against WordPress fall […]

5 Types of Content that Attract Traffic and Links Like Crazy


If content is king then the type of content you publish will determine the size of your kingdom. Inbound links and traffic seem to go hand in hand. Websites that attract large numbers of inbound links tend to attract higher traffic levels.
When you get right down to it, links are a bit like the currency […]

How to Know if Your Website is Functional


One of the big mistakes I see business make is thinking that as long as their website looks good it is meeting their business needs. Too often business owners get enamored with their logos, color schemes, and slick flash moving elements and loose site of how their website is (or, more likely, is not) supporting […]